Saturday, June 29, 2019

Mental Health: Why The Issues Are Rising

This is something that we really feel needs to be spoken about at the minute. It would seem that as the years go on, mental health issues seem to be going up and up, with no explanation at all. Some people have theories as to why they’re rising, and there are a few obvious social factors that we can all see attributing to it. But we really want to get into the nitty gritty of why mental health is on the rise, and what we can do about it. It’s now becoming more of a serious problem than physical health is, because it’s just so hard to treat. Once a mental health issue has someone in its fingertips, it’s then very hard for that person to get out of the cycle they’re in. So, if you’re suffering at the minute, or you know someone who is, then this article might really help you. Keep on reading, and hopefully we can offer you some form of help!

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The Most Common Issues

There are some really common issues surrounding mental health, that usually trigger a series of events that lead to a person being classed as mentally ill. Most of the time, it’s something related to work. Work is one of the most stressful environments, and if you have a job that just isn’t treating you right, it becomes so easy for you to fall mentally ill. Another really common cause of mental health issues, is abuse in the relationship. This doesn’t have to be physical abuse either, it can be mental abuse that can lead to such unstable mental health. This is one issue that so many people are afraid to speak about, and a situation that so many find it hard to get themselves out of. Once you feel so trapped in a relationship, you feel like talking to no one can help it. These are just two really common issues, but there are so many more out there!

Uncommon Issues 

Alongside the common issues causing a rise in mental health problems, there are plenty of uncommon ones to be aware of. These things can secretly eat away at your well-being without you even noticing - because they’re not seen as “common”. 

Hearing loss is a prime example, particularly in older generations. Studies conclude that hearing impairment is significantly associated with depression as it inhibits your ability to socially interact with others. You start living a more closed-off life, which leads you down a slippery slope to depression. Thankfully, hearing aids can help you cope with hearing loss, which should reduce the chances of this being a factor in your mental health. This goes to show how something so seemingly unconnected to your mental health has a profound impact on it. It’s not the only example either; there are plenty of reasons people are suffering that may be outside the norm.

It is also true to say that these days, people are struggling with finding something to believe in. This world can be a tough place, and if you don’t have something to believe in or something to work towards, it can be tough to justify some of the things that happen. It’s for this reason that a lot of people turn to religion, but even this is dying out in some places. If you are struggling with your mental health at the moment, finding a school of thought that you relate to can be really helpful. You can learn Buddhism at the Lamrim group for example, or you can look into other options

What We Can Do To Fight It

There’s plenty that we can do to fight mental health, even if we’re not suffering with an issue ourselves. But if you are suffering, you need to make sure you can speak out about your problems, even if it be virtually to people you don’t know. Supportiv is one platform that you could try if you know you struggle to speak out to people you know about the problems you’re having, but know you speak to someone. Sometimes being part of a community that’s going through what you’re going through, is all you need to do! If you know someone who is suffering, being there for them as much as possible is what you need to do. Talking to them, getting them to open up, and never backing away from them.

Where’s The Future Of Mental Health Heading?

Luckily, mental health is becoming something that’s so much more recognized at the minute, meaning so many more people are able to access services that will help them. There are new treatments being designed, both medicinal and therapeutic to help as well!


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