Friday, June 28, 2019

Are These The Worst Things About Owning A Computer?

There are very few of us who don't have a computer at home, and for the most part, owning one is a good thing.

You can use a computer to stay in touch with friends and family. Your children can use the many resources available to them for their school work. And you can use your computer to watch Netflix, check the news, watch funny cat videos and more!

So, in some ways, there are benefits to owning a computer.

However, there are downsides. Here are just a few of them.

1. Computers are addictive

How many times a day do you spend on your computer? If you know you spend longer than you should, and other aspects of your life, such as your friends, family, housework, and even your career, have taken a back seat to your time online, then you may very well have an internet addiction disorder. You can read more about this in the linked article. So, be responsible with your time, put your computer away occasionally, and remember the other facets of your life that are important to you, and focus on them. 

2. There are risks to your children

Firstly, your children can also become addicted to their computers. With Facebook, video games, and YouTube videos, you might have noticed that they spend more time online than they should. As a parent, you need to set limits so they also focus on other aspects of their lives, such as socializing face to face with friends and getting on with their homework. Secondly, there is the issue of stranger danger. Who are they talking to online? Are they being threatened in any way? You need to monitor the situation, and this includes talking to your children so you can find out what they are up to online, and taking the advice we gave in this article, so it doesn't look as if you are always snooping on them.

3. The risk of computer viruses

In some cases, you might open yourself up to a computer virus by clicking on a dodgy link sent to you in an email, or by downloading a file from an unknown or untrustworthy source. On the other hand, your computer might be specifically targeted by a hacker, perhaps to steal your financial data or to take control of your computer system. It's a real problem that frustrates and worries many computer users today, although you can take steps to protect yourself. You might want to consult an IT management service such as Quest, as they have the knowledge and resources to support a wide range of computer users. You should install antivirus software onto your computer. And you should educate yourself by researching possible cyber risks online, and then taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.


Many of us would be lost without our computers, but despite the many benefits to owning one, we do need to take safeguard ourselves against possible problems. So, think about what we have said in this article, and be responsible with the computer in your home.

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