Friday, November 16, 2018

Car covers for indoor and outdoor uses

A car cover is a product made from large sheet of fabric and is used to cover a car to protect it against the surrounding elements. A car cover is needed when the car is not in use for a certain period of time and needs to be kept from dirt and dust. Even if a car is kept in a garage, dust and dirt can still settle on the car surface. If a car is kept outdoor, then it should be covered with a custom car cover to prevent the sun rays, weather elements, and surrounding elements from damaging your car.

An indoor car cover is great for keeping dust and dirt off the car surface. And if you have young children playing in the garage, it could protect from the little hands and fingers, and against scratches or knocks. If you are shopping for indoor car covers, look for custom indoor car covers that are breathable and with good ventilation to allow moisture to escape. If it is not breathable, moisture trapped under the car cover could cause molding and could be damaging to the car.

Even if you are using a custom Chevrolet indoor car cover, it is good to check frequently or uncover the car to prevent any mold or mustiness from forming whenever possible. Before covering your car with an indoor car cover, always make sure that the car surface is clean and dry.

An outdoor car cover will be able to protect a car against paint fading but an improper fitting car cover could cause more damage than protection. A loosely fitted car cover could easily move about and rub against the paint surface to cause fine scratches whenever there is strong wind blowing. Outdoor car covers are designed to be water resistant and the covers could easily trap dirt and moisture if it is not properly fitted. With the outside heat and moisture soaking under the car cover could promote fading of the paint surface.

Some car owners would suggest that a good cleaning, drying and proper waxing of the car before putting on the car cover. A good quality custom fitted car cover that allows ventilation or designed to allow vapour out from under the car cover, can effectively prevent damage to the car. Depending on your preferences, there are car covers to go over only the top of the car to protect the leather inside the car from the strong UV light.

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