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How To Ensure Mayhem Doesn't Take Control In Your Magically Natural Garden

Nature is amazing. Nothing beats lush, unbroken expanses. In a world where untouched areas are harder to come by than ever, such natural beauty is revered and loved by all. Poems have even been written about its healing qualities!

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We’re all busy, though, and finding the time to head to nature reserves and beautiful locations isn’t easy. In fact, for most of us, the only contact we have with the nature is our backyard. Yet, instead of creating the untouched natural areas we crave, many of us turn our gardens into manicured spaces. Why? Because it’s the ‘done thing.'. Your neighbors can see your garden, and you wouldn’t want them thinking it’s a mess, would you? 

But, it might be time to reconsider how we approach our yards. If you want to make full use of your outdoor sanctuary, it may be worth letting go of how you think a garden should be. Forget perfectly symmetrical lawns and gardens lacking in greenery. Let nature have its say. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be practical to let things go altogether. As a lawn is an enclosed space, it doesn’t quite have the freedom of open expanses. As such, you do need to keep some control to ensure it’s still a space you can use. So, how do you achieve a balance between majestic nature and wild mayhem?

Know Where You Can’t Compromise

Before you start the journey, it’s important to know where you can’t take your eye off the ball. Some areas will always need your attention. Forgetting about these could undo your efforts to create a more natural space. 

So, where can’t you compromise? The most notable area would be your lawn. Rather than looking beautiful, long grass looks scruffy. Plus, it can make the space less habitable. Who wants to spend time outside when they have to fight through tangles of grass to get there? So, there’s no getting around the fact that you still need to mow the lawn on a regular basis. The good news is, you can do this without disturbing the more natural image you’re working towards. Something like the zero-turn mowers mentioned on this site will ensure you can get close to your flowerbeds without cutting anything you don’t want to. They’ll also take the hassle out of the job to ensure your natural yard remains low maintenance! 

Patio areas also need some attention. As this is a man made area of the garden anyway, letting it run riot wouldn’t look right. There’s nothing beautiful about weeds sprouting between paving stones. Make sure to remove them as soon as they appear to stop things getting out of control. 

Let Your Flowers Run Free, But Only Where You Want Them

Flowers are, of course, the most beautiful aspect of the natural world. As such, you’ll want these to run free in your natural haven. But, how can you let them loose and still keep some control? Raised flower beds are your best option here. They keep the flowers separate from the lawn you want to keep clear and ensure seeds don’t spread. Within the flower beds, those flowers can go as crazy as they want to without looking messy. It’ll be an organized chaos. 

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To ensure these beds look stunning, it might be worth mixing all different types of flowers. Too often, we plant in clumps or stick to color schemes. That’s not how plants would act in the wild, and it looks contrived. Instead, mixing things up is sure to get that wild image you’re aiming for. One thing’s sure; your flowers will create an eye catching display this way. 

Inviting Wildlife Into Your Garden Without Letting It Do Damage

Of course, no natural haven would be complete without an injection of wildlife. Yet when many of us hear wildlife and garden in the same sentence, we shudder with horror. Animals have a way of ruining gardens. They eat plants, dig holes, and make mess. So, most of us do anything we can to keep them away. 

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But, is there a way to invite wildlife without worrying about a ruined garden? We think so. In many ways, those raised flower beds will help here. Applying a fine mesh fence around the edges will ensure animals can’t creep in and eat your flower supply. 

It’s also worth creating some spaces for those animals to live so that they don’t destroy your lawn. Wood piles, quiet corners, and areas of dug up mud should do the trick. 

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